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Shilna Vekariya

Born in England, infused in Luton and Stored in London..

Welcome to Nosh & Nibbles. – Bespoke Vegetarian Catering

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The food from Nosh & Nibbles is so incredibly tasty and fresh. Shilna puts so much thought into every element she makes, from the homemade butter with each scone to every specially curated meal. I love how she adds a ‘twist’ to each dish, and I’m amazed at how she comes up with so many new ways to enjoy even well-known meals.
Thank you for the lovely xmas themed boxes, we loved both the presentation and flavours.
Gorgeous treats all day - loved every bite - warmed the scone and the mince pies and paneer pastries. They were all gorgeous.... I will order more afternoon teas or items from you again - whenever I want gifts for local friends. Thank you xx
Jane M